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Mission and Values

Our mission statement is Strong foundations supporting independent living.

Our Vision

Witham Housing Association is a small local housing association.  Unlike many housing associations we do not currently have any expansion plans. Our simple aim is to make best use of the two properties we own for the benefit of current and future residents and for the community as a whole.

Our core values

Everything we do is underpinned by a commitment to our core values of:

Collaboration – We will seek to work with others in order to provide a good quality, value for money service to our residents and other stakeholders.

Equality and Diversity – Witham Housing Association, is committed to promoting a culture of equal opportunity and inclusion, both in the provision of housing and in our employment practices. We value diversity, recognising the benefits of ensuring diversity in our workforce and in our resident community, which reflects the wider society. Through our work in providing affordable housing, and as an employer, we will strive to ensure fair treatment, and an inclusive and welcoming environment for all prospective and existing members of our community, regardless of race, ethnic origin or nationality; gender; disability, whether mental or physical; religion; marital or family status; sexuality or sexual orientation; HIV status; age or physical appearance. Furthermore, we will ensure that no-one is discouraged from raising issues with the Management or victimised as a result of their complaints. The Board of Management will actively review the Association’s performance on a regular basis, to ensure that this policy is being rigorously implemented, and its culture embedded in our psyche.  

Empowerment – We are committed to encouraging the participation and involvement of residents, Management Committee members, employees and other stakeholders.

Integrity – We are committed to promoting respect, openness and honesty in our service delivery.

Supporting Independent Living