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Residents information

Day-to-day running is the responsibility of our resident Operations Manager (based at Podsbrook House) who is supported by a Welfare and Support Officer. 

If you have any questions or need anything please get in contact with us.

Out of Hours Contacts

Building Emergency - 07368 642742
Medical Emergency - contact Care Call via Care Call pendant 


See updated monthly lists 

Tenant Representatives 

Podsbrook House - John Shilling 
Noel Pelly House - Jeanette Cooper 

Cleaners Due Date

Noel Pelly - every Thursday
Podsbrook House - Tuesdays and Thursdays 

Support Officer Days

All days Podsbrook
Tuesdays and Thursdays - from 11am Noel Pelly House 

Notice Boards

Useful information is contained on Notice Boards on each floor in Podsbrook, and on the ground floor at Noel Pelly.  

Suggestion Box 

See Support Officer 

Fire Alarm Procedures 

We have a stay in Flat Policy when Fire Alarm goes off.  

Supporting Independent Living